Yes, I made them kiss a lot. But let’s be real. They totally wanted to. 😉

I have known William and Amanda for going on 4 years now. They were both part of the Bible study I lead at my old church. For about 2 years, I had the front row seat on Wednesday nights to seeing them flirt, but still just insist that they were good friends. Fast forward to last year when my husband got the text that William had asked Amanda out and she had said yes. I literally squealed and jumped for joy (not even exaggerating). Ever since, I have basically been dying to take photos of them, so we finally made it happen.

The way these two feel about each other is so apparent, my cheeks start to hurt from smiling at their love every time I’m around them. They are constantly making each other laugh and you can tell they genuinely love spending time together. It’s impossible not to have a good time when hanging out with them. I’m so thankful they are a part of our lives and I hope God allows us to be lifelong friends.

Now go look at this beautiful couple and soak in the happiness that they exude through whatever screen you are looking at them on. I’ll just be over here, joining you with heart eyes for days.



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  • Nancy Poller

    on November 2, 2016  9:30 pm