Hey there! I’m Brittany- so honored you stopped by to learn a little bit about me! I’m a big fan of lists, so if you want to get straight to the gist of what makes me who I am, just scroll on down. If you like a bit more story- here ya go!

I married my handsome hubby (that fella gazing lovingly into my eyes above) in November of 2015. Since then we’ve bought our first house in NW Chicagoland, adopted our puppy Levi, and are now eagerly anticipating what God has in store for us next! First and foremost, my relationship with Jesus is above all in my life, and I owe everything I have to Him.  One gift I thank Him daily for is the gift of caffeine. I am a proud coffee & tea addict – at this rate my mug collection will one day need its own room. If I’m not glued to my computer working on photography related things or trying a new recipe in the kitchen, I am probably chugging coffee or tea (ok, sometimes it’s just water), watching HGTV or the Food Network (the only channels you need in life in my opinion), or making a list of all the home renovation projects Joanna Gaines has convinced me I must have in this house (if not the next). Also, if you happen to mention ice cream at any point on the days that Culver’s Happy Hour is going on, you will find me in that drive thru line at some point that evening (vanilla with oreos + andes, in case you were wondering- donations to my ice cream fund are always appreciated). I’m also a big fan of hugs and realness and love to hear stories about what makes people who they are. So, get ready for hugs, coffee, ice cream, and good conversations as clients of mine (feel free to head on over to the contact page now if you’re already hooked on me)!

Of my many passions, photography is the primary catalyst to my growing creativity.  My desire with all my clients is to make sure I am capturing beautiful, stunning images for you to cherish.  Most importantly, they are telling YOUR story.  When it comes to engagements & weddings, I want to see the love you have for one another overflow with joy.  I want to capture your emotion of embarking on this new journey together- tears, laughter, passion and all.  Portraits & family sessions are filled with the kind of smiles and laughs that couldn’t be faked if you tried.  I am also there to make sure each step of your day goes smoothly and you feel taken care of.  I may not be a wedding planner, but I will always help you with your timeline and make sure we capture every moment from your getting ready to your sparkler exit.  Know that I will be detail oriented from start to finish and it will all be to your benefit! Wherever you desire, I’m willing to travel to capture your love- mountains high or valleys low.  I want you to be completely satisfied with your experience, feel at ease, and know that you can trust me to capture the moments you so deeply will want to recall for years to come & pass down through the generations.  Nothing brings me more joy than being able to capture Day One of the rest of your days with the love of your life.


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(Top Photo by Erika Mattingly)